Provide Basic Skills With Kindergarten Games for Kids

Published on: March 1, 2023
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Most people think of play as a separate activity that doesn’t have much educational use. However, this is incorrect – children can actually learn a lot through clever games that encourage critical thinking and teamwork. Yes, a great Papamoa kindergarten with passionate staff and plenty of safe areas to play games can help your child in more ways than one.

Any parent knows that children enjoy fun, creative things that encourage them to expand their minds and have fun. Why not mix the two?

Yes, clever games can encourage your child to develop and hone basic skills, all while they laugh and create good memories.

Can Games Really Help Your Child Learn?

When we hear ‘games,’ we usually think of ‘activities solely meant for fun and excitement.’ However, when your child is playing in a team to reach a goal or figuring out how to quickly get from point A to point B, they discover the wonders of working as a team and using their mind to solve problems.

A Papamoa kindergarten run by intelligent staff who care about the feelings of the children they care for knows the importance of creative learning and active play. Playing games doesn’t have to be solely about fun, nor does it have to be exclusively about learning. As most parents know, many children don’t care for games that are clearly just thinly-veiled educational lessons.

Innovative teachers know how to create games that are as fun as they are educational. Children can learn so many things while they’re in kindergarten, so the possibilities are endless when coming up with engaging games that get everyone excited.

When their teachers are fun and encourage learning beyond sitting down and listening to them speak, your child will be excited to go to their Papamoa kindergarten every day.

What Kind Of Skills Can Children Learn From Simple Games?

You know that children can learn from fun, well-designed games, but what exactly can they learn?

You may be shocked to learn that even the simplest schoolyard games can teach valuable skills. For example, your children can learn the following:

Strategic Thinking. Many games require a surprising amount of strategic thinking, even if they seem like simple play. Games like ‘duck, duck, goose’ and ‘red light, green light’ require some strategic thinking.

When you see children play these simple schoolyard games at their Papamoa kindergarten, you’re actually seeing children practise their critical thinking skills to determine whom they should deem the ‘goose’ or when they should freeze if the green light is about to turn red. Every kid loves to win at games, so they’ll need to hone their skills if they want to succeed.

Following Directions. Many games have rules and directions you need to follow, otherwise, the game might be unfair, and people might not have fun. So, your child can learn to follow directions and listen to rules when playing games. Additionally, they’ll learn that it’s not okay to break the rules just to get ahead, because that’s unfair to the people around them.

Patience. In any Papamoa kindergarten of any size, the teachers must look after all the children to ensure everyone is safe and alright. As you can imagine, being around so many people requires patience for both the teachers and the children. Low patience can result in tears, anger and upset children.

So, children can use games that involve waiting to develop their patience. They can learn that not everything happens immediately, and if they wait, they’ll be fine.

Problem-Solving. Who doesn’t love a game of hide and seek? If your child is the seeker, they’ll need to practise their problem-solving skills to figure out where their friends are hiding. They can scan the area to look for potential hiding places, remember where they already looked and figure out where they’ve yet to check.

How Do I Know The Kindergarten I Choose Will Teach My Child Well Through Interactive Learning?

You can look for a few things to deem if a Papamoa kindergarten is right for you:

  • Staff. Do they have adequate, well-trained staff who genuinely care about the children they’re caring for? A teacher who does their best to truly change their children’s lives can really make a difference.
  • Philosophy. A trustworthy school should have a philosophy centred on good moral values. Respect, kindness and trust should be held in high regard.
  • Space. Your child’s kindergarten should have ample room for them to play and explore safely. Be sure they’ll have supervision while they play and that the space has been properly prepared for small children to play in.

Where Can I Send My Child To Learn New Skills In Creative Ways?

At Child’s Wonder, we’re a Papamoa kindergarten that truly believes that every child is special. We love to encourage creative learning through interactive play, games and anything else that enriches your child’s mind and encourages them to grow. There’s a time for learning, there’s a time for play, and there’s a time for both.

If you wish to speak with our staff, please feel free to call (07) 542 4602 or visit our website to learn more.

Ensure that your child’s first steps into their educational journey are positive and fulfilling with Child’s Wonder.